Black Rose Fashions, LLC was formed in October 2013 from a love for tattoos, art, style and fashion. As an artist, I brainstormed over a way that I would be able to earn a living doing what i love. Black Rose Fashions is the result.
Having mastered photorealism in pencil and colored pencil I struggled over which medium to learn next and in doing so I began to develop a deep respect and admiration for tattoo artists and the pieces they create.
Tattoos leave no margin for error. The artist is creating a work of art that will be worn for life regardless of the outcome so absolute perfection is a must. The tattoo artist who does not strive for perfection will not be in business for very long.
As someone who loves translating the details of photorealistic images one can see how these elements might appeal to me.
Even as tattoos begin to penetrate the mainstream and become "fashionable", I feel that the artists behind them are too often overlooked and rarely get the credit they deserve. Being an artist myself, I also know how very hard it is to watch an original creation walk away. This is where Black Rose Fashions comes in.
We want to offer people a chance to wear tattoo art on their bodies, just not necessarily on their skin (though we do encourage you to visit your favorite tattoo artist). In offering the public a chance to wear these unique creations, we will endeavor to offer these brilliant artists a chance to earn residual income from their creations while still being able to put the originals back in their portfolio.
15-20% of each design sold will go to the artist who created it for as long as the design is sold.
Black Rose Fashions is a brand not a reseller and all of our products are quality guaranteed.
So while some people hang Piccasso's, we wear the art of even better artists who are alive and deserve recognition.
If you are an artist and would like to submit your designs for consideration please dont hesitate to shoot me an email: nathanwray@blackrosefashions.com
"Some People Hang Their Art...We Wear Ours!!"
Nathaniel J. Wray- Artist/ CEO